You are significant. While understandable, it is often disheartening to see how many do not truly recognize their importance. Of course, there are several people out there who genuinely struggle and it is certainly up to us to see if we can’t help those people or at least help them find help.

Most people who battle with this issue are simply choosing to easily and readily dismiss their strengths because they feel it is the appropriate thing to do. Not because of a legitimate mental condition, but because they feel the need to downplay their abilities, positive outlook and other amazing aspects of themselves in order to “protect” others.

I do understand. We do not want to be perceived as braggadocios, cocky, too self-assured and the like. However, there is a fine line between cockiness and short-selling yourself. You do not have to be cocky to express confidence and there is no reason why you should not be proud of what you have accomplished in your life.

I am not recommending that we all turn into insufferable, egotistical jerks. That said, I am suggesting that embracing and having confidence in your abilities are every bit as important as attempting to work on your weaknesses.

Remember: You belong, you are amazing and you can do incredible, unbelievable things. You also deserve it. Yes, really.

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