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Identity Branding:
Implementation & Awareness

Branding, when properly implemented, conveys the big picture. It imprints an image in our minds about a company’s reputation, reliability, etc. Take, for example, Coca-Cola or Amazon.  These are two well branded companies with a known, look, feel, vibe, emotion, and reputation. Branding isn’t just about pictures or cools graphics, it’s about an emotional response.  That is where our team comes in and helps grow, expand or even repair a particular brand.

Issues That Arise

The biggest issue we witness in regards identity branding problems is inconsistency of conveying the proper message with the brand. Companies will brand and promote certain aspects of their business, while forgetting other components such as printed materials, websites, advertising, marketing materials, etc. That is where we come in.

Poor Employee Training

Another big issue we see regularly employee problems.  Remember, a company’s employee base is more than just a worker-bee sitting in a cubicle.  They are an endorsee of your business.  Your employees are a walking, talking advertisements and billboards for your firm.  If they’re poorly trained, not trained at all, or unhappy in their position, your brand will suffer the consequences without proper management.

Brand identity should be a tried and true, consistent message sent out into the world. That identity is usually identified by a graphic logo, image, photo or other visual image. While there is more to brand identification, we’ll start with the basics – the logo.  The goal here is the identity must consistently match the image projected to the general public.

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What is Identity Branding?

Whether the product is a person, image, or an item, or something else, the goal is consistently matching the look and feel of the brand with the goals, missions and objectives of the company.  Many people mistake brand identification as merely creating a logo.  We’re here to tell you it’s much more than that!


Image & Reputation Rebuilding

Reputation rebuilding is a big deal these days.  Examples of reputation repair might involve a company whose product or service suffered major issues such as a product recall.  Perhaps a person’s image is damaged by a defective product, poor quality, reckless activity, or bad behavior. That is where an image control specialist is brought in to help minimize the damage caused.

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Our team is made up of a wide range of professionals with many years of experience in Identity Branding and Marketing Strategy Development. You will not find a better team to come in and ramp up your presence.

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