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The Importance of great design


So, you need a new website… 

Maybe you’re thinking about starting a new business. Or maybe you’re thinking of creating that killer phone app that will revolutionize the world. Perhaps you want to set up an e-commerce store or maybe you want to set up a non-profit organization. Whatever it is you want to create, our Dream Builders team can make it happen for you.


It’s no surprise that great design is essential to achieving online success. The biggest question people ask me is “what constitutes great design?”  While that answer is complicated and subjective to the eye of the beholder, common sense dictates that clean, user-friendly, functional, efficient design is what people want and need in order to convert viewers into buyers.  Our services we offer are vast and they do just that.

Website Design & Development

Your website is arguably the most important asset of your company’s marketing plan. It’s the central hub for your vision, your brand, your content and message, and your traffic reach.  The fact is, all other marketing materials really should drive traffic to your website, and any designer, developer, marketing strategist or business consultant worth their salt will take you exactly the same thing.

As site design technology has progressed over the years, you now have more digital marketing power to do just that…. drive traffic to your market!  Social media, blogs and mobile allow site owners to easily target and convert users to buyers by driving them with a “positive user experience,” known as UI/UX Design.  These are fancy terms for building websites, apps and other tech “user-friendly.”  From buttons and icons on a page, to advanced backend coding, the truth is we’ve been building UI/UX tech before these terms ever existed! 

The web designer’s credo is this: “If my mom (or my grandmother) can use the tech you’ve built, you’ve successfully done your job!” 

Our developers make web design look simple, and THAT is a true art. The truth is there is nothing simple about building out technologies.  It takes know-how, expertise and hard work to make things happen. It takes the ability to “mix ones and zeros with art,” as we like to say.  Our Dream Builders team develops every single project with this in mind.  Our formulas and techniques are why our clients are happy with what we build for them, and why they stay with us long-term.  Ease-of-use in all things is the key to it all.

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