Brian Holler

Design • Development • Content • Management • Marketing & Promotion


PatientToc is a Patient Engagement and Patient Reported Outcomes (PROS) collection and management system with auditory assists for low-literacy patients. PatientToc is able to provide surveys and information to patients in 62+ languages, deliver personalized health education videos, generate reports for use at point of care, and contains a parallel database for use in research. It is a combined tablet (Android) and web-based system with an HL7 interface available for HL7 integration with triple encryption and centralized controls.

Work Performed

  • Project Leadership
  • Customer & Vendor Management
  • Digital Marketing Presence: Surveillance, Design & Development
  • Analysis & Development Key Medical Verticals (volumes, pricing, key product requirements, etc. for each segment)
  • New Project Infrastructure/Structural Design
  • Design & Development of Product Materials, Customer Documentation, etc.
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