Strategic partnerships are essential to scaling startups or spurring business growth at any stage. I want to make it so that even introverts can easily connect with the right people. Through doing this, we can not only change ourselves within, but we can also change how the world works.

The growth of modern business development, marketing, and sales strategy can help facilitate large-scale change to how all business is done.

Meet Brian

I help others grow and develop businesses by utilizing my ability to communicate effectively and lead respectfully. In my current role as Moody’s Medicinals Chief Operating Officer, I focus on making sure our team produces the best products and works to help the most people we can. It’s my job to make sure we thrive and expand.

Professionally, I’m motivated by building, learning, and leading, which have helped me achieve such accomplishments as overseeing, directing, and implementing an entire cannabis media network, being the sole marketing resource for a publicly-traded company, using modern strategies to not only generate positive marketing results but also teaching sales teams across the world how to use those results to secure clients.

Outside of work, I recharge by relaxing, traveling, or enjoying the simple things in life – a good conversation, taking in a movie, listening to excellent music, going on a hike, watching my favorite teams, and more.

What I appreciate about what I do is being able to pursue both my personal goals and professional passions with equal intensity – honestly, I think it makes me a better human being.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, hit that Connect button and send me a message.