About Brian Holler

“Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.”  – Aristotle

I do not come from a large or wealthy family, rather from a modest, yet loving background. My parents gave me all the inner tools I would need to succeed. They certainly explained the values of loyalty, friendship and respect to me at a young age. As I grew, I found myself gravitating towards people with that same vibe.

My friends ARE my family. I have the greatest group of people surrounding me…and I keep acquiring more and more. Good people who appreciate honesty, sincerity and truly want to better this world through positivity. I am them. When I speak, I speak for them. When I work, I represent, not only myself, but my family, friends and community as well. Ok…that may be getting a bit too ‘rah-rah.’ My bad. My point is that it is really important to develop and cultivate strong relationships as you move forward in your career and in life.

I am a confident, driven, educated, professional, experienced, influential in business and thoroughly enjoy assisting companies and individuals with implementing the same attributes. If you need someone to take a look at your brand or business with a fresh, intelligent perspective who can also provide opportunities and resources for accelerated growth with emphasis on social channels, I am eager and willing to help you.

About Brian

Being a positive, driven, fun person who can apply his skills towards being a strong asset for the people he works with is important to me. Overall, I am a team player who is easy to critique, a quick, adept learner and an excellent communicator, which, for those very same reasons, makes me an effective leader.

I worked in media, education, business development, marketing and entertainment for many years before launching my own creative digital agency. I advise small business owners, entrepreneurs, independent contractors and sole proprietors how to manage their outreach, sales, customer service processes, marketing, advertising and communication strategy in efficient and cost-effective ways.

People close to me will be the first to tell you that I am passionate about many issues. I understand that it is my responsibility to make sure that I can get through to someone, especially when they disagree with me. I want us to have constructive conversations, figure out our common ground, develop good relationships, gain respect for one another and, as a result, consistently create positive solutions to help reach our goals.

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